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Jun 16, 2014   Site

¡Bienvenidos Army! comienza una nueva era, totalmente renovado siendo ahora un fan site completamente en español. Aquí podrán encontrar diariamente sus últimas noticias y todo lo que están buscando saber sobre Britney. También contamos con una galería con mas de 14.000 fotos pero la iremos actualizando constantemente con fotos nuevas y viejas, así que estén atentos a las actualizaciones. También quedan varias secciones por actualizare, pero eso lo iremos haciendo de a poco en los próximos días.

Espero nos acompañen en esta nueva etapa y si tienen alguna duda o sugerencia no duden en contactarnos a, responderemos a la brevedad. Muchas gracias.



Jan 27, 2014   Site

I’m looking for people who have experience with wordpress,coppermine and ftp. I would like to add probably 2-4 people to post Britney news and to help update the gallery. I’m going to be some what picky about who I give the positions to since I’m not use to working with other people on fan sites but if your interested please send me an email at for more information.

Jun 13, 2013   Site

I am so sorry about the lack of updates! I’m still dedicated to working on this site and building it up to be a huge source for Britney. Its just been a little difficult trying to find balance between work,life,family and having several fansites. Please bare with me.

credit to: Britney Spears Gifs

Apr 28, 2013   Comment Site

Hello all! I decided to go ahead and open the site so you all can see the gorgeous layouts that were designed by my awesome friend Jessica I’ve been so busy with work and my life that its hard to find time to work on any of my sites but in a few weeks my work schedule is changing so that means more free time to get online.

As you may or may not know this location ( use to be the home to a large Britney gallery that had over 4 million views but when I adopted this site from the previous owner Kwes I decided to move the gallery so I could create a whole fansite for Brit. So I’m working on re-uploading all of the previous pictures to the new gallery. It will take some time since there was over 20,000 pics in the old gallery so please be patient with me.:)